Roberto Bossard New Group - Rose Bubble

Roberto Bossard, guitar, Toni Bechtold, sax
Lukas Gernet, piano, Raffaele Bossard, bass
Dominic Egli, drums

01  What's On
02  Saturday After Dawn   >> mp3
03  Going Slow
04  Rose Bubble   >> mp3
05  Rotondo
06  Modinha   >> mp3
07  Gone And Done
08  Harmaj
09  Paritetico


Roberto Bossard, guitar, Toni Bechtold, sax
Lukas Gernet, piano, Raffaele Bossard, bass
Dominic Egli, drums

01  In The Wee Small Hours (David Mann)   >> mp3
02  Nostalgia (Roberto Bossard   >> mp3
03  Puffed (Roberto Bossard)   >> mp3
04  A Thousand Kisses Deep (Leonard Cohen)
05  AIGE Blues (Roberto Bossard)
06  Upward (Roberto Bossard)
07  I've Never Been In Love Before (Frank Loesser)
08  Babbit The Rabbit (Roberto Bossard)   >> mp3
09  Miss Otis Regrets (Cole Porter)


Marcel Thomi, Hammond B3
Roland von Flüe, Tenor Sax/Clarinet
Roberto Bossard, Guitar
Elmar Frey, Drums

01  Introduction (Roland von Flüe)
02  You'll Be Fine In The Second Line (Roland von Flüe)
03  One Way To Take (Roberto Bossard)   >> mp3
04  Miss Otis Regrets (Cole Porter)   >> mp3
05  Labyrinth (Marcel Thomi)
06  Babbit The Rabbit (Roberto Bossard)
07  Burgular Dance (Roland von Flüe)
08  Johnny come Lately (Billy Strayhorn)
09  Sete Sombrinhas (Elmar Frey)
10  This I Dig Of You (Hank Mobley)
11  So Lieblig Und Still (Hans Schläpfer)   >> mp3


Mark Soskin, piano
Roberto Bossard, guitar
Gildas Boclé, Bass
Elmar Frey, drums

01  Another One To Leave (Roberto Bossard)   >> mp3
02  The Call (Elmar Frey)
03  Luiza (A.C. Jobim)   >> mp3
04  Babbit The Rabbit (Roberto Bossard)
05  So Lieblig Und Still (Hans Schläpfer)
06  Moody (Mark Soskin)
07  Obviously (Gildas Boclé)
08  Listening Room (Mark Soskin)   >> mp3
09  Man Behind The Curtain (Mark Soskin)
10  OTYOG (Sonny Rollins)
11  Blackberry Winter (Alec Wilder)

Organ-X Plus

Marcel Thomi, hammond b3
Roberto Bossard, guitar
Elmar Frey, drums
Roland von Flüe, tenor saxophone

01  Beautiful Monday (Marcel Thomi)   >> mp3
02  Bock To Bock (Wes Montgomery)   >> mp3
03  Morro Não Tem Vez (A. C. Jobim)
04  How My Heart Sings (Earl Zindars)
05  After Midnight (Elmar Frey)
06  Chovendo Na Roseira (A. C. Jobim)
07  Knocked Out (Marcel Thomi)
08  Nobody Else But Me (Jerome Kern)
09  Funky Piece Of Cake (Roberto Bossard)
10  How Deep Is The Ocean (Irving Berlin)   >> mp3


Roberto Bossard, guitar
Hämi Hämmerli, bass
Elmar Frey, drums

01  Mixed Messages (Larry Goldings)   >> mp3
02  9th Avenue (Roberto Bossard)
03  Tribute (Slide Hampton)
04  Golden Earrings (Victor Young)   >> mp3
05  Stablemates (Benny Golson)
06  Sud Ouest Jump (Glenn Ferris)
07  Hope (Elmar Frey)
08  Crosscourt (James S. Hall)
09  I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face (Frederick Loewe)
10  Pensativa (Claire Fischer)
11  Backup (Larry Young)
12  Mirrorland (Roberto Bossard)